New Dryfta Updates to Empower Your Events!

New updates - Dryfta event platform for academia & nonprofits

In the dynamic world of event organizing, every moment saved is a moment you can spend crafting unforgettable experiences. That's why we're excited to bring you the latest Dryfta updates, designed to streamline your workflow and enhance attendee engagement. Here's what's new:

1. Advanced Wait List Management:
We've introduced a seamless way to manage ticket demands for your events. Now, you can:

  • Enable an "Add to Wait List" option when tickets are sold out, allowing interested attendees to register their interest directly.
  • View a waitlist for each ticket type, complete with attendee names and email addresses.
  • Ensure only waitlisted users are able to purchase the tickets once more tickets become available.
  • Effortlessly notify waitlisted users about ticket availability with a predefined message using a dedicated Notify feature.

2. Enhanced Dashboard Insights:
Gain instant clarity on your event's traction with three new blocks on the Dryfta backend dashboard:

  • Monitor download counts for your event's Android/iOS app.
  • Stay updated with the latest 5 push notifications sent.
  • Keep a tab on the pulse of your event with real-time counts of total event and session check-ins.

3. Streamlined Abstract Review Process:
Reviewing abstracts has never been more efficient. With the latest update, reviewers can:

  • Access all assigned abstracts directly from the left sidebar for easy navigation between submissions, eliminating the need to return to the Assigned Abstracts list to review each new submission, as was required previously.

  • Utilize the "Conflict of Interest" button to maintain transparency and uphold the integrity of the review process.

Eager to see these features in action or need a hand getting started? Our team is just an email or call away.

Here's to your continued success.