Live Polling & Surveys

Create survey forms, collect feedback from participants, and view detailed visual reports.

Create Flexible Survey and Feedback forms

Craft detailed survey and feedback forms tailored to your needs, with the flexibility to add as many questions as you desire. Our feature-rich platform offers:

  • Versatile Question Types: Collect feedback on various topics, create yes/no questions, set up multiple choice questions, and beyond.
  • Advanced Conditional Fields: Implement multi-tiered questions that display dependent questions based on initial responses.
  • Create Unlimited Surveys: Experience zero restrictions on the number of survey forms or questions you wish to generate.
  • Segmented Surveys: Break down your surveys into multiple pages, allowing for unique headings on each.
  • Participants Tracking: Easily view a compiled list of participants for every individual survey you manage.


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Manage participants for each survey and export them to spreadsheet.

Efficiently handle participant details for each survey and transition your data seamlessly into spreadsheets. With our tools, you can:

  • Access at a Glance: Simply click the "view participants" button to display the list of respondents for a given survey.
  • Detailed Participant Overview: Dive into the specifics of each participant, including essential contact details like their name and email address.
  • Review Individual Responses: Navigate through the unique answers submitted by each survey respondent.
  • Refined Participant Search: Use a variety of filters to streamline your search for specific participants.
  • Effortless Data Export: Conveniently transfer your participant list into a spreadsheet in CSV format.


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View In-depth Visual Survey Reports

Delve into visually compelling reports for each survey, offering a comprehensive breakdown of responses and patterns.

  • Individual Response Count: Determine the exact number of participants who opted for specific answers on distinct questions.
  • Visual Percentage Breakdown: For every question, view a graphical representation illustrating the percentage of participants who chose each available answer.


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Engage Participants with Live Polling

Enhance your live sessions by integrating polls. This interactive tool allows speakers to gather real-time feedback and engage attendees dynamically. Features of our live polling system include:

  • Interactive Poll Creation: Speakers can seamlessly introduce polls for attendees, fostering participation during live sessions.
  • Real-time Results: Monitor and manage live poll outcomes instantaneously as attendees submit their responses.
  • Comprehensive Admin Overview: Admins have the capability to view and export detailed data, including participant lists and specific poll results.


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