Lead Scanner, Retrieval & Management

Create QR-embedded badges for visitors. Let attendees & exhibitors scan badges & save leads automatically.

Here’s how it works

In-person: Visitor enters exhibition / Virtual: Visitor opens the app/website

  • Visitor can view exhibitors information in both in-person and virtual events

In-Person: Visitor goes to an exhibitor’s booth / Virtual: Visitor opens an exhibitor’s listing in the app

In-Person: Goes to an exhibitor’s booth

  • Visitor shows their badge or the unique QR code to booth staff
  • Booth staff scans the badge to save visitor’s contact info
  • Visitor collects product information and moves to the next booth

Virtual: Visitor opens an exhibitor’s listing in the app

  • Collects exhibitor’s vcard and downloads product catalogue.
  • Visitor’s vCard is automatically saved in exhibitor’s leads
  • Visitor asks questions and leave comments

The process is repeated as many times during the exhibition

In-Person: Visitor meets & greets attendees / Virtual: Visitor browses attendees profile

  • In-Person: Visitor goes up to an attendee and scans their badge to collect their vCard
  • Virtual: Visitor visits an attendee profile and requests their vCard or sends an instant message

Once the event is over, visitor and booth representative download their leads from their Dryfta dashboard to their CRM


  • Exports leads data in CSV format
  • Imports the CSV into their CRM


  • Exports leads data from Dryfta event app to the Phonebook


  • Downloads leads in CSV format
  • Access leads on computer using MS-Excel