Lead Retrieval, Lead Management & QR Scanner

Create QR-embedded badges for visitors. Let attendees & stall representatives scan badges & save leads automatically. At exhibitions and during event networking.

Here’s how it works

Visitor enters exhibition

  • Visitor enters through the exhibition main entrance

Goes to reception area

  • Stops for check at the reception area
  • For self-service, goes to a kiosk to register
  • If no kiosk, goes to reception staff for registration

Visitor either goes to a self-service kiosk, or the reception desk to register and get the badge

Goes to Self-service kiosk

  • Visitor enters contact information to register
  • A badge with QR code is printed for him
  • Puts badge into a lanyard and enters the exhibition

Interacts with Reception staff

  • Staff asks for visitor’s name, email & phone to register
  • Prints out a badge with QR code
  • Puts badge into a lanyard and gives it to visitor

Visitor starts visiting stalls with QR embedded badge in the lanyard

Visits a stall

  • Visitor goes to a stall, talks to the stall rep, shows interest
  • Displays his badge with QR code when asked for his contact information
  • Stall representative takes out her Dryfta app to scan the QR code
  • Contact information is automatically saved into Dryfta leads management system
  • The process is repeated as many times during the exhibition

Once the exhibition is over, stall representative downloads the leads as CSV and imports into her CRM


  • Exports leads data in CSV format
  • Imports the CSV into the 3rd party CRM

Phone Book

  • Exports leads data from Dryfta app to the Phonebook with one click

Excel Sheet

  • Downloads leads data as CSV format
  • Access data on computer using MS-Excel