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Conferences play a vital role in generating new knowledge and fostering global connections through insightful discussions and valuable networking opportunities. Utilizing a comprehensive, all-inclusive event platform empowers academic institutions and nonprofits to efficiently manage their events and conferences, leading to significant savings in time, resources, and effort. Dryfta serves as a unified, all-inclusive event platform that seamlessly integrates various functionalities, enabling event organizers to streamline their operations through a centralized dashboard.

Joining as a founding member of Dryfta isn’t just a position – it’s a partnership in innovation and community building. Imagine playing an active role in revolutionizing the conference experience, making it more engaging, interactive, and human-centric. Your annual financial commitment is not a mere contribution but a vital investment that fuels our relentless pursuit of excellence, adding new features, refining existing modules, and ensuring 24/7 support.

But your involvement doesn’t end with a financial pledge. As a founding member, you own a piece of Dryfta’s vision, wielding a vote in strategic decisions that shape our future. Whether it’s considering outside funding, dissolving partial equity, or joining forces with a larger entity, your voice will be heard, your vote will be counted, and your influence will guide Dryfta’s path.

This is more than a membership; it’s a shared journey toward redefining conferences, enhancing connections, and crafting the future of event management. If you share our vision, we invite you to be a part of this exciting adventure. Become a founding member and let’s shape the future of Dryfta together.

In recognition of their invaluable contribution, our founding members enjoy a host of exclusive privileges. By subscribing to our founding membership, they gain unrestricted access to our all-in-one event platform, empowering them with unlimited event hosting capabilities.


Host & manage unlimited events (usage limited to your organization only)
Access to all existing and new platform features: With your founding membership, you can host unlimited events without incurring any additional fees. This includes unlimited registrants, abstract submissions, and reviews, as well as unlimited admins and reviewers. Additionally, you can create unlimited event schedule, send up to 100,000 emails per month, and generate unlimited participation certificates, name badges, and visa letters.
Discounted add-ons: As a founding member, you are entitled to 50% discount on all add-ons (Event app, Single Sign On, Eventboost and White label custom domain + custom email address)
Customization requests: The dedicated Dryfta developer team will serve as your extended team members, and you can utilize your founding membership to request up to 5 features or customizations in a calendar year.
Dedicated account manager: You have the exclusive privilege of a trusted account manager who is there for you if you need a training session, or need a quick question answered or require help with the event setup.
Instant live chat support between 7AM – 3PM PST; along with 24/7 Email support
Take advantage of unlimited training sessions
Participate in all thought Leadership discussions
Influence roadmap priorities and gain early access to new features
As a founding member, you’re not just a supporter – you’re a part owner of Dryfta. Your voice matters here, and you have a tangible say in the strategic decisions that shape our future. This is a partnership in every sense, with your vote playing a crucial role in directing our path and vision.
Enjoy placement in displays of your founding membership including website, landscape and marketing materials
Show your support for Dryfta by displaying your logo on our website

What are the terms & conditions?

There are only 12 founding memberships available each year.
You should agree to be listed in our list of founding members.
You should agree to list us as a sponsor in at least one of your annual events.
The unlimited usage is governed by a fair usage policy.
The usage is limited to your organization only. If you intend use the platform for other organizations, all such usage will be chargeable at normal rate.
You’re required to sign a three-year commitment at $2000/month (charged on an annual basis).
Feature requests depend on alignment with our roadmap. Additional feature requests beyond 5 free feature requests are chargeable and will require a custom quote.

What is the ideal profile of a founding member?

The ideal profile of a founding member revolves around our event platform, which caters specifically to universities and nonprofits. We seek individuals or organizations that fit the description of a mid-sized academic or nonprofit event organizer, hosting around 10-20 events annually. We cannot accommodate organizers who plan to host an excessive number of events. For instance, it would not be sustainable for us to offer founding membership to someone who intends to organize 200 events per year as a founding member.

The founding members should also be willing to contribute their valuable insights and ideas to shape the future of the Dryfta platform and align with our focus on producing new knowledge through helping academia and nonprofits manage their conferences. It is by attracting founding members who share our vision and objectives that we can collectively work towards enhancing the event management experience within the academic and nonprofit sectors.

How can I become a founding member?

Kindly complete the membership application form provided below. Upon acceptance of your application, you will receive an email containing detailed instructions for participating in a platform walkthrough. Following the demonstration, you will be granted a trial account to familiarize yourself with the platform and its features, enabling you to conduct thorough due diligence. Should you opt to proceed with utilizing the platform, kindly inform us, and we will generate an invoice for the founding membership.

Founding Membership Application