Sell event memberships & Provide access to member-only content

Attendees flocking to your event every year? Give them the option to become members so they get access to member-only content along with discounted tickets.

  • Create different membership ticket types each with its own pricing
  • Allow membership sign-ups and renewals from the event website
  • Allow members to view membership details, tickets purchased, personal event schedule, Meeting requests, submitted abstracts etc from the dashboard
  • Members automatically receive membership renewal reminders
  • Existing members can renew or upgrade their membership type from the dashboard
  • Incentivize members to purchase tickets with members-only discounts

Get Dryfta to build you Event Membership website with member-only content and online ticket purchase.


Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions about the Membership tool.

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Reaching 50 Thousand Dollars in Ticket Sales

It is with immense gratitude that we share the news that the conferences hosted on Dryfta event platform have reached 50 Thousand dollars in combined ticket sales! This is a milestone to cherish and remember. We’re now more confident than ever to take on bigger events and conferences using the Dryfta event platform. Bring it on!

Ticket Sales

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Cart Abandonment Notifications for Incomplete Ticket Purchase

Abandoned cart orders occur pretty frequently on a busy event website. Often, potential customers begin filling out their checkout form, only to leave and never return. Knowing about these users, why did they abandoned the cart and then targeting these abandoned cart orders can boost ticket sales.

Cart abandonment notification tool

This feature lets you send an automated email to ticket and membership buyers who have begun creating an order on your event ticketing website built using Dryfta event platform, but haven’t completed it for whatever reason.

The email will act as an enticement inviting the buyer to come back to the event website to complete their order.

As long as the customer’s email address was entered into the website (either by them logging in or registering on your event website while browsing), the Abandoned Carts Notification feature will be able to send them a message, and also notify the admin.

You can also customize the Abandoned Cart email which is sent to the buyer when he/she abandons the cart. To customize, go to Email Broadcast > Notifications and click on Abandoned Cart Notification Email to edit it.

Here’re some fabulous Abandoned Cart Email templates you can take a cue from. The more enticing and personalized your email will be, the higher would be the sales conversion.

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Sell Event Memberships with Access Control

Sell event memberships

Organizing a yearly event and have regular attendees who flock to your event every year? Well, it’s time to give them better reasons to become a regular participants. Start selling event memberships and give your members access to premium content and discounts on tickets. Here’s how.
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Feature updates #2

Feature updates Dryfta

Here’s our update for this week with some really exciting features and some improvements and fixes in the existing features.

Membership payments
Membership payments is now available for all Dryfta users. Create membership tickets and sell memberships to your attendees. Later this month, we’ll release Coupon Manager and Access control features to enable discounts and access to premium content for members.
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