Sync subscribers from Dryfta to Mailchimp

Dryfta is an event management platform for universities and organizations. The Mailchimp integration for Dryfta lets event organizers sync subscribers and mailing lists from Dryfta event platform to Mailchimp and vice-versa.


Overall Benefits

  • Collect email addresses using the opt-in box on your Dryfta powered event website and push these subscribers to a mailing list on your Mailchimp account. That’s the combined power of Mailchimp email marketing and Dryfta event platform, at your disposal!
  • Apart from subscribers, you can also sync name and email addresses of your attendees and speakers to Mailchimp and send email campaigns using the Mailchimp email software.
  • Convert subscribers in your Dryfta event platform to registrants

Technical & Support

To use the Mailchimp integration for Dryfta, all you need is your API key. Enter these credentials in your Dryfta dashboard and you’re all set to start syncing your mailing lists and subscribers to and from Mailchimp.


Mailchimp integration comes free with a Dryfta subscription.


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The Pain Point that Dryfta Solves



A very common approach to set up an event management platform is to use a smorgasbord of tools eg. WordPress, Eventbrite, Easychair and Mailchimp, get your staff into multi-tasking mode and try to get your event off the ground.

What would it be like if you were able to use all of these features from a single platform, all fully integrated with one another, making for a seamless, unified data flow. This is exactly the pain point Dryfta event platform solves. Let’s see how Dryfta stacks up with each of these tools in terms of features and functionality.

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