The Art of Shipping Early and Often

Shipping code early and often

“Several distinct problems manifest themselves as delays in launching: working too slowly; not truly understanding the problem; fear of having to deal with users; fear of being judged; working on too many different things; excessive perfectionism. Fortunately you can combat all of them by the simple expedient of forcing yourself to launch something fairly quickly.”Paul Graham, The 18 Mistakes that Kill Startups

At Dryfta, we live by this↑ maxim. Shipping code early and often is an integral part of our code of ethics. The way we do it is we ask our customers to share their feature requests, set them up against our own list of feature updates, and then ruthlessly prioritize code shipping. If you’re the man/woman overlooking product management at your company, you should be skilled at prioritizing product features, market needs and growth expectations all at once.
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Feature bloat and missed revenue!

Do one thing and do it best

Yesterday, while doing some quick research on our event tech counterparts, this realization came upon me that most event tech startups are implementing this very abhorrent practice of bloating their platforms with too many features. I think I know where that’s coming from.
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