How to Protect Your Event Data from Cyber Threats



With devices, applications and internet connectivity multiplying year on year, it is no surprise that the risks associated with cyber security too are on the rise. While every enterprise working in any industry needs to focus on strengthening their digital security, event management is no different. Especially since it involves data from sensitive sources such as event sponsors, event attendees and the enterprise itself, a well-rounded cyber security framework is necessary.

Additionally, damage in case of data and cyber slippages are nothing but heavy. The damage in terms of monetary cost a business suffers due to a malware attack is estimated at an average of 2.4 million2 , aside of reputation risk and further losses. Which is why, creating a sound cyber security framework in event management is paramount. Here’s how you can achieve that.

☑ Create A Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy
As an organization, the primary and foremost process in the direction of cyber security is to chalk out a comprehensive cyber security strategy. While this should be an enterprise-wide exercise, it should be reiterated and customized at the start of any initiative such as an event. Some facets of this strategy can include:

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Take a backup of your event data

We recently introduced a Backup tool which lets event organizers download the backup of their latest data including contacts, attendees, orders, payments received, expenses, abstracts submitted (with reviews), program sessions, sponsors, exhibitors and all other important data sets.

Event Data Backup

This will ensure our customers have a copy of their data at all the times. This also makes our customers feel more secure and in control of their event data.
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