6 Ideas Guaranteed to Keep Your Audience on the Conference Floor

Social Media


The whole idea of having a conference is to bring people together, share information and to meet new people. However, since the rise of the social media giant, not many are as keen as they were about the idea of having to get down and dirty to actually approach a real person and spark a conversation but instead, are content with communicating to others via a virtual space where information flits by at light speed.

Now, we can’t have it going in this way, so we need to come up with fresh new ideas to entice these technologically-inclined beings to step out of their virtual world and make real contact with people. These 10 ideas are guaranteed to do just that and you’ll soon have a conference floor full of happy people, chitty-chatting away.

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Event Organizer’s Guide to Engaging Attendees in Academic Conferences [PDF]

Quick guide to engaging attendees


You may have already successfully overcome the hurdle of planning a conference. But, that is only the first bit of the hard parts. The second most challenging thing when it comes to conferences are getting your attendees engaged with the content and ongoings of your conference and make sure they stay that way from start to finish.

Engaging an academic group of people may be slightly more intricate process compared to engaging a general audience. The key point to remember here is that academicians often seek for value in information and tend to connect with new people in order to gain knowledge from them.

With this quick guide, you can come up with engaging activities that can help keep your audience’s attention fully on the happenings at your conference.

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