Free Event Setup + Data Migration

Whether you are using an event platform for the first time or switching to Dryfta from another event platform, here’s the truth: It’ll require some time playing around with the platform to set up your event, given the fact that each software is different. And we would be delighted if you could save that time for something more productive!

For every event hosted on Dryfta, we offer a FREE event setup service to set up your event website, registration forms, tickets, and submission forms, and data migration (including attendees, abstracts, sessions, and speakers) from the previous event platform.

How to use the free setup service?

After you have purchased a plan, you need to fill in this form with the details of your event: For example, the look & feel of your event website, data you want to migrate to the Dryfta platform, fields for your submission and registration forms, and ticket types and pricing.

Once we have this information, we’ll start working on the setup of your event platform and update you on the status every few hours. If we have questions, we’ll get in touch with you.

Bookmark this form or ask for this link through our support desk

Free live training sessions

Along with the free setup, we also offer two one-on-one live training sessions to get acquainted with the platform, and to know the tips and tricks, and the hidden gems (features, that is).