5 Ways To Make Event Sign-Ups a Breeze

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When it comes to sign-ups for an event, it can be quite the challenge for event planners to keep their pace up for the whole day, clipboard in hand, recruiting more event attendees for the day. By midday, you know that the spirits have dampened and not many are willing to stop for those few extra minutes, even to give you measly details such as their first name and email. But, what if, there was a much simpler way of going about getting more people to sign up for your event?

The secret here is to be able to automate your sign-up processes as much as possible. Let’s face it, since the dawn of the technological age, people have been slowly begun to embrace the convenience that has come to be associated with technology. So automating things would be the most logical step forward. But, how in the world to go about that? Here are five different methods that you can start with to help make your event sign-ups a breeze.

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Create your Event registration & Abstract submission forms using Visual Form Builder

As promised, the upgraded Form builder is now live and accessible from your dashboard. Creating custom fields for your forms including event registration and abstract submission forms, is now easier than ever.


The text buttons are replaced with visual icons and text buttons to allow more easier understanding of what it (button) does. The absence of too many texts also created more whitespace making it more easier and calmer for event admins to create custom fields!

We also felt the field editor popup was creating a sense of alienation and was not as seamless as we envisioned. So, instead of opening the field editor in a popup, it now opens in the same window.

Let us know what you think of this upgrade and if it helps in any which way in creating your custom forms.


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