Abstract Management & Peer Review System (old)

Collect proposals & talks with simple & complex submission workflows, assign submissions to reviewers for evaluation and make decision using bulk acceptance/rejection tool. Save time with automated email notifications for notifying authors & reviewers.

Several configurable options to set up your abstract submissions and review system.

Your abstract submission software is completely configurable with options including:

  • set abstract submission start and end dates
  • set abstract summary word limit
  • maximum co-authors per abstract
  • maximum submissions intake
  • enable/disable double blind review, and many more.

Manage abstracts & proposals submitted by authors, and assign to reviewers for review.

  • set abstract status to accept/reject and notify authors and co-authors automatically
  • export abstracts to CSV & PDF
  • filter abstracts by custom data points
  • sort by abstract rating and abstract status

Abstract submission requires authors to choose from multiple abstract types & topics? Track chairs can easily create multiple abstract types & topics.

  • set deadlines for submitting reviews
  • enable open review to display reviews of an abstract to the reviewer
  • enable feedback section for reviewers to submit feedback in review submission form
  • send reviewer’s feedback to the primary author
  • in-depth reporting to track your abstract submissions, reviews submitted, authors & reviewers

Clean and concise abstract & review submission form to submit & review abstracts.

  • allow authors, whose abstracts have been accepted, to re-submit their abstracts
  • option to allow co-authors to edit abstracts
  • disable automated email notifications to co-authors on registration and abstract submission
  • enable/disable double blind review
  • view submitted abstracts in backend dashboard

Self-service dashboard for authors to submit abstracts, manage submitted abstracts, update registration details and more.

  • display abstracts in author’s public profile
  • allow submitting author to choose multiple presenters for an abstract
  • enable final presentation file upload field for authors for accepted abstracts
  • option to collect conference-specific information along with abstract submission
  • pre-built & customizable email templates to communicate with authors & reviewers

Self-service dashboard for reviewers to review the assigned abstracts.

  • allow reviewers to re-submit reviews on accepted abstracts
  • assign abstracts to reviewers who match up with the abstract topic
  • assign multiple abstracts to multiple reviewers instantly using Bulk Assign
  • update abstracts status (accepted/rejected) and notify authors using Bulk Status Update
  • add multiple ratings & scales for better, in-depth reviewing
  • enable discussion tool to let reviewers discuss an abstract with other reviewers before submitting their reviews

Conference proceedings – Publish abstract book in PDF, MS-Word & CSV format

  • choose front and back cover for your abstract book.
  • option to add a background watermark on each page of your abstract book.
  • add messages and keynotes from chairman, organizing committee and other dignitaries.
  • choose abstracts (accepted, rejected or both) you want to publish in the abstract book.
  • select fields you want to display in abstract book for abstracts, authors and reviewers.

Abstract grading & evaluation

Instead of a simple Thumbs Up/Down buttons, Dryfta lets you evaluate abstracts with multiple scales and rating fields.

  • reviewers can rate abstracts on different criteria
  • customizable evaluation fields
  • on review submission, system calculates & generates the average rating of the reviewed abstract – which helps event chair in fast decision making
  • scales & ratings fields to rate abstracts on multiple criteria

Feedback management (rebuttal)

Reviewers can send feedback to primary or submitting author at any time during the evaluation process.

  • authors receive automated email notifications with reviewer’s feedback
  • to prevent disclosing any confidential information, replies sent by authors are first received and moderated by a committee member
  • on approval of the author’s reply, it is automatically sent to the reviewer
  • all feedback and replies are logged under abstract’s detail in admin backend

Collect payments for submitting abstracts and for accepted abstracts

  • create tickets to be purchased by authors for submitting abstracts
  • authors can pay submission fees through credit card, purchase order or PayPal
  • filter through abstracts which are paid for

Fully customizable abstract submission, review submission & registration forms

  • choose from various field types including inputbox, checkboxes, file upload fields, yes/no question, multi-select dropdown and more.
  • add conditional/dependent fields in your forms
  • set access control on fields for guest users and logged-in users

Your latest abstract data is always ready for export

  • export your data to view it in spreadsheet
  • option to download your abstracts and reviews in PDF format
  • create custom reports and share with users through unique URL in HTML-format
  • sort & filter your submitted abstracts and download with One-click data export

Automated email notifications

  • authors are automatically notified by the system when they register, submit abstract or any other related activities
  • make decision on abstracts and let system notify authors automatically
  • customize automated notifications
  • customize invoice notifications sent to authors on making a payment
  • send bulk update to authors, submitters and reviewers

More features

  • Collect abstracts and session proposals with various abstract submission configurations
  • Set separate deadlines for each submission type
  • Abstract archive with option to display all or accepted abstracts with authors’ names, ratings and summary.
  • Abstract submissions & peer review reporting & analytics
  • Sort abstracts by number of reviews, ratings, authors, reviewers
  • Assign multiple abstracts to multiple reviewers
  • Author dashboard for authors to submit abstracts, manage personal program sessions, update profile
  • Auto save for all fields in the abstract submission form to prevent any loss of data
  • Display custom fields in co-author addition form
  • Admin-moderated communication between reviewers and authors for submission feedback (rebuttal)
  • Option for reviewers to upload a file in reviewer’s feedback form
  • Participation Certificate Builder to design and generate participation certificates for all attendees
  • Acceptance letter builder to create acceptance letter and send a cover letter and acceptance letter PDF to authors whose abstracts have been accepted
  • Automated notifications to speakers, authors, and reviewers
  • Twilio integration to send SMS notifications to attendees
  • Send mass SMSs to all or selected registrants at once
  • Public display of published abstracts with choice for authors to display/hide
  • Export abstracts into PDF and CSV formats
  • Generate a PDF listing all the reviews submitted by reviewers for an abstract
  • Generate a PDF listing all the abstracts assigned to the reviewer
  • Accept online payments, using credit cards, from authors for accepted abstracts
  • Collect online payments from authors for submitting abstracts. Authors then would not be able to submit abstracts until the payment is confirmed.
  • Option to allow submitting author to choose multiple presenters for an abstract
  • Option to disallow author from making updates to abstract once it is assigned for review
  • Option to allow author to revise their submissions if requested by the reviewer, even if the deadline has lapsed
  • Fetch accepted abstracts’ data to create program sessions automatically
  • Fields to create abstract submission form including PDF/Image upload, Multiple choice, Select boxes, Comments
  • Sort abstracts by topics, reviewers, authors, abstract status
  • Create & Publish abstract book with multiple fields & settings to choose from.
  • Customizable instructions for authors and reviewers for registration and submissions
  • Option to upload PDF, PPT, Docx, audio, video and zip files among other file formats
  • Automatic and manual assignment of papers to reviewers based on topics selected by the reviewers
  • Automated email notifications to authors, reviewers, admins for various actions performed on the platform
  • Option to make submission type as mandatory and hide “None” option under abstract settings.
  • Option to attach abstract PDF with the abstract submission confirmation email.
  • Reorder button in Abstract topics to change ordering of the abstract topics
  • Option to reorder fields for each submission type in abstract submission form
  • Option to send notification to reviewers when abstract is updated by author.
  • Option to display associated sessions in abstract archive
  • Option to set separate abstract intake for each submission type
  • Save & Submit Later button in Review Submission Form so reviewers can save reviews and submit them later.
  • Option to enable Voting on submitted abstracts if abstract public listing is enabled
  • Option to select usertypes to allow specific usertypes to be able to submit abstracts for given submission type.
  • Option to set maximum number of abstracts that can be submitted per author for each submission type.
  • Option to choose panel directors to whom the review submission notification should be sent.
  • Option to import abstracts from under abstract management system.
  • Option to choose and display link to download presentation files in abstract archive.
  • Ability to add multiple abstracts in a single submission when panel/roundtable type is selected for a submission type.
  • When an abstract in a panel is assigned to a reviewer, all other abstracts in the panel shall be assigned too, to that reviewer.